Friday, March 31, 2006

if i had a choice i wouldn't even have a tub.....

but I would have a mega awesome multihead shower thingy!!!!

How did it work at banks and places like that

before there were picture I.D.s? Were all tellers experts at handwritting analysis? Even there, not everyone could right. Did you have a deposit slip that verified how much you had in the bank? If so, you obviously couldn't keep that someplace safe like a safe deposit box (since you'd need a slip for that too), so did you just hide it real well and hoped you didn't lose it?

I was just at the bank which is why the question poppped up. It also reminded me of another question I've had for a while. Were people just late a lot before the alarm clock was invented? I realize many people farmed so they didn't have to clock in at a certain time, but what about people that had other jobs. Did a store or bank just open whenever the owner or employee happened to get up? Did people try to make plans to meet in the morning, or did you make sure that if you had to meet someone you did it later in the day?

many pregnant women are delighted at the opportunity to show

off newfound cleavage.

allow me to present the blue shark.....

my favorite matchbox car of all time.

Question about stereotypes and their accuracy.

I think we would agree that generally, stereotypes are pretty dumb generalizations. But what stereotypes do you find, from your life experiences, turn out to be more accurate than others?

Example: When I'm driving on campus, and I see someone doing a stupid (even for campus driving) maneuver, I say to myself, "please don't be Asian, PLEASE don't be Asian" so as not to reinforce a negative stereotype in my head.

And unfortunately, when I look, at least 80% of the time they turn out to be Asian.

Any stereotypes you've come across that are true more than you would like them to be?

And please don't say "loud Indians."

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Made it into the Thieves' Guild.

It was me, this Khajiit (tiger-people) dude, and some high elf chick up for inclusion. Our task was to steal some random guy's journal and bring it back to the Doyen. Whichever of us did so was in; the other two had to take a hike. The only rule: No killing of the mark, or of the competitors.

I was thinking the Khajiit would be my main competition, since those mofos can see in the dark. However, it was the friggin' Altmer who beat me to the house and stole the journal from under my nose. Good work, Pointy, but you probably shouldn't have decided to rest once you got through with that. It was way too easy for me to bust into her house, pick the lock on her personal chest (nice breeches, by the way), and make off with the journal.

Unfortunately, by that time it was already morning, so I had to wait until the following midnight to turn in my prize and claim my reward. No worries, though. I just made sure that journal never left my sight. I even read a couple pages, but I stopped real quick when I came to the part about "Ye Olde Tubgirle."

I used the word "queer" in conversation today.

And it was in the traditional sense and not the slang for homosexual.
Does that mean something? A sure sign that I'm getting old? Or gay? I'm confused.
I'm pretty sure I've never used that word before in the traditional sense.





is it wrong, or just in bad taste

that i would marry a girl that dressed like this for halloween?

a chick that knows something about Clockwork Orange is pretty darn cool.

Broke or bruised?

Stubbed my small toe after taking a shower. The inside of it is all black and swollen. I will move the chair out of the bedroom, I stubbed it on.

boy, do i have a story to tell you guys.....

but i have decided not to tell it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Crazy Cat Terrorizes Connecticut Town


"guy with mascot" pics


I just listened to FYC's "Baby Baby Don't Look Back" and I really liked it.

has anyone seen the applebees shrimp commercial?

It confuses me. Why do they just stand there as the tide comes in? Why not move to the shore? ANd how do they teleport to the middle of an Applebee's? And why are they still so wet after walking there? And why don't the patrons notice them singing until they get splashed?

The thing is when the teleport to the Applebees, it looks nothing like any Applebee's I've ever been in. Most of the Applebees Ive eaten in are filled with dark wood & not many windows.

A 3 hour toooouuurrrrrrr

i think i am getting a sinus infection...

i'm feeling a little dizzy and my stomach feels a little queezy. i started to feel this way yesterday afternoon. I guess thats what it is, my nose is a little stuffy also. i have had it before and those seem to be the same symptoms i had previously.

my night...

Chinese Food
American Idol
Boltini's for my delicious pineapple concotions
3 hours in a hot tub
The Jugganaut bitch

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

great. the heat just kicked on as i'm packing up.

i've been FREEZING in here all day b/c the heat wouldn't turn on.

Something tasty I discovered today at the White Hen

An old friend is gone

A German cabinetmaker I worked for in HS passed away. He first learned his trade building caskets. Fought for the German Army in WW2. He lost one leg, while the Germans were marching into Russia. He said Hitler liked the poor, but seen a man get his arm cut off when he didn't salute him during a parade. When Mrs and I were working on their large home, Mrs Hansen, his wife, insisted on us taking a break. She came out with rolls and 2 cans of beer. She apologized for not having coffee. It was 9 A.M.! We stopped by and seen the family today. The man was a teacher and a craftsman.

Guilty pleasure

Spice World. There, I said it. jury duty notification today

but I can't make it...going to be out of town that day (April 17)...reason is I am going to a wedding (best man at one of my college friends weddings in Jefferson City, MO). I have to call the jury commission tomorrow to let them know I can't make it

eye-yi-yi....I have to set up my kids bday party soon.....

which sounds funnest for a mix of boys and girls most of whom are close to 5 but range from 3-7?

inflatable jumpy stuff

artsey craftsy

children's museum

Dear Traditional Chex Mix in a bag:

Less Melba, more Wheat Chex.


Worlds colliding

my akbar did not come to fruition


Tiki's Bully Pulpit. Hasnt been updated in almost a month.

Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer?


Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!


American Idol HD: It's like being there.

And that's not necessarily a good thing.

Still the barrista

So our assistant is back from vacation, all sun tanned and beautiful, but my dumb ssa is still making the coffee.

It's not so much that I mind making it since, as we established last week, I do a better job than the other coffee drinkers here. But the way these losers wander around every morning with empty mugs in hand and mouths hanging open, helpless, until someone else pours the water through the grounds, is enough to make me snap. One nerd in particular likes to wander by, and when he sees the coffee isn't ready, he goes a few aisles away and stands, alone, among the cubes, just waiting.

I'd like to punch every one of then in the teeth. But I wouldn't trade lives with any of them.

WTF, freaking Doogie is cool?

People call him NPH? Whoever this guy was, I was pretty sure he wasn't white, and I was REALLY sure it wasn't Doogie freaking Howser MD.

I have not seen Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

But I would gladly wage a holy war against it.

TOO BJey?!?

my God think what you're saying man!

Monday, March 27, 2006

date suggestions

I have a 2nd date tomorrow night....

I want to do something other than just dinner, etc..something more interactive...I wanted to go to the Zoo, but it closes at 5pm and I work till then...

Anyone have any good suggestions for a date in Chicago....

We both live on the Northside too!

I somehow just noticed... of my socks is inside out.

That is all.

the dogs

Let's play...Guess...My...Ailment!

Symptoms include:
-Body Aches
-Sinus congestion
-minor throat irritation


NASCAR's better than baseball, imo

But I love Larry the Cable Guy and I think Wrestling is real!!!

I witnessed a crime on saturday

I saw a retarded girl steal a chocolate chip cookie from Fazoli's.

Her mother ordered the food and then the retarded girl told her mom she would have a seat in a second. The mom found her seat and left the retarded girl at the counter. The girl then waited until the girl behind the counter left to pick up an order. She stole a cookie from a basket and put it into her pocket. I saw the whole thing.

I asked her if she was going to pay for that and she said "no!" and put her finger to her mouth telling me to keep it a secret.

I kept the secret!


Damn you're old

Fave Ways to Destress

bubble bath, pedicure and good romance novel

shopping for just the perfect pair of new shoes is relaxing, but I thought that sounded a bit gay.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Snarky Sunday


so...i just went to dairy queen

and there was a girl (maybe 10 years old) talking on her cellphone which had its own cute little holder attached to her coach purse.

Just wondering--did i miss something? Is this the standard now? If so, I dont think i'll ever have children.

I saw Anchorman for the first time last night.

Really, really bad movie. Almost unwatchable at parts. A couple of good catchphrases, yes, but a really bad movie. Am I alone in this assessment?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

So I'm sitting in church tonight...

and someone sitting in front of me has a full tupperware water bottle next to them...just sipping away as mass goes along. A water bottle. A. WATER. BOTTLE.

I...I...I guess that's......okay?!@#?

I am a happy man today.....

i got back from my shopping and i saw that i had a message. and it was from my work saying i did not have to come in tonight. i have to go back tomorrow night at my normal time.

It looks like we will be going back to 12 hours again here soon. i am looking forward to another 70-80 hour week.

Pocket watches

The hands on the inexpensive one Mrs bought me for Christmas fell off. Exchanged it for a $23 timex stainless steel one. Have the open faced pocket watch my dad used to carry, when he drove a truck. Mrs gave me one the second year we were married in 1980. Won't tell you what she had engraved in it. I have one from my great uncle, that he received when he retired from the railroad in the 1940's. It is gold and both sides open.


do you....

think he said it so that I thought about him over the weekend instead of going out and meeting guys?

it just seems odd....or else he realized that he'd rather i was in florida wiith him...because if things were good, he shouldn't be texting me right??

My head hurts


Friday, March 24, 2006


my ex texts me with miss me? flight gets in at 11pm tomorrow. what you doing tonight? I don't respond, then he says, we'll talk when i get's been an odd week.

he's on spring break with his girlfriend...what the hell is an odd week? and why may i ask is he texting me



oh, oh! I learned a new trick!

I was told that you can order it "no water" for an even more creamy taste (guessing this has something to do with how they steam/froth the milk).

I now also order "extra hot" and I've since heard other patrons ordering that way.

two in the pink....

Cube Game


Hmmmm.... fish...

*yummy yummy fishy*

do I have an ear infection? I just tried to clear my ears (plugging my nose and blowing) and one of my ears killed when I did that...I also feel that pain if I put pressure on my ear (pressing my hand over my ear and pushing).

I don't normally do this stuff, so it doesn't bother me at all...and I can avoid doing it...but do I have a (hopefully minor) ear infection? I am flying out of town on Monday, will hte change in air pressure cause this pain to worsen on the flight?

any docs here?

Shrek 2 was on this morning on HBO-HD

Robert Goulet

It's funny to hear my 6 year old imitate me imitating Will Ferrell imitating Robert Goulet.


so i cut my finger at work.....

i was working on a machine that i have never worked with before and as i was cutting strapping off of a bundle with a knife,it slipped and i cut my finger really good. they had to stop the line as blood was pouring from my finger. i went to get a bandaid and the blood went right through it real quick. i showed it to the supervisor, we went into the restroom and poured water on it to clean my hand off. i wrapped it up for a while and it was still bleeding. they decided to replace me on that line because my finger was still bleeding. I went back to pick something up from the machine and i had a stream of blood all over the machine that someone was cleaning up. i didn't realize it was that bad at first, i still was trying to do work, but they had to stop as i got blood on some of the books. for my next trick, i will cut off my hand entirely

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Best harmonica player

Now spinning Siegal Schwall Band

directions to spfld sonic!!!!

good night that is a small pic.

it's about 10 min off of I-55. and you really are only about 10 min or less from my house once you hit sonic.

My son just bought a used pickup truck

He got a good deal from some friends, that own a garage. I can buy a cheap riding lawnmower, mow his grass and mine, after getting some ramps. Getting rid of that wife and teenage housekeeper, really helped him. Mow grass and take a dip in his pool afterwards.

Snakes on a Plane mania this summer

Update: my lunch date is over

I think it was a success. Lunch was tasty (PSA: canned chipotle peppers in adobe sauce gets spicier over time after you add it to sour cream/mayo to make a spread).

Gave blood one time

Got weak after giving, until they pumped me up with OJ and donuts. The guy in the next desk laughed when I got back to the office. He went, gave blood, and passed out in the toilet stall afterwards.


I accidentally messed up my Explorer toolbars, and now I don't know how to get them back the way they were.

I just finished with my interview!

I think it went great! I was 18 minutes early. I didn't really get stumpted by any of the questions and I refrained from using the word 'cool' (although I wanted to say it alot).

I have to wait til the end of April to know if I have an on site interview though. :P

I hate waiting!

I got parting gifts though: a tee shirt and a pen!

Red Lobster Review

well, it will assuage my seafood craving for a bit i guess.

from now on, though, i think i'll just holler at the rest of the family, and we'll prepare our own shrimp and fish on the grill at home.

we flavor it better, and it's fun!

nice to spend an evening out with the family, though.

i need to learn how to cook lobster.

How much does it cost to light a restroom?!

I'm in there...doing some deep thinking...and the stupid motion sensor timer turns the lights off.

So then, I'm scrambling to finish my...thinking... before someone else comes in, activates the motion sensor lights, and asks me as I exit, "been there all night?"

Hey, building management, I'll pay the extra $2/month to keep the lights on 24/7.

The coffee is tasting good this morning

morning everybody or in my case, soon to be goodnight.

Here's to getting home at 3:30 am

...and being a lil lit! Thank you Guido's and Cowboy "Salsa Wednesday" Monkey. Not only did your Grey Goose/Red Bulls serve me well, but salsa dancing with Latino beauties is great. Here's to a great evening and a crappy morning.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Just fell on my a$$ walking out the door

I had to go put gas in my car and i step outside on my deck and it was solid ice and i slipped and fell down. what a way to start my night.

Spelling Lesson: Meachum as in yum-yum

About time to make a special effort to get the name Meachum right since it will be on our lips and on these pages all summer and next year.

Hell, it took six months to get BAM's name right. Might as well start here . . . for both the purists and the unwashed.

Baseball ticket source?

One of my son's friends has drove a Bud beer truck for a few years. He used to lay around the house and watch ballgames with us all the time, when he was in Jr. High and HS. He also cleaned out the frig along with the other neighbor kids, when we brought groceries home. Should I ask him for a couple of tickets?

Planning to celebrate Lobsterfest tonight

"Making love when there is danger is the best"

couple weeks ago i'm driving south on I-55 there's this car acting all funny behind me. the dude driving is right up on my bumper for a bit, then he dropped back. then back on my bumper, and he passed me.

this was in a bit of traffic, so i was a bit perplexed.

well, i'm in my mini-van, so when he passes me, i glance over at him.

no wonder he wasn't paying attention.

dude was getting a BJ.

after he passed me, traffic was pretty light. then i start seeing the girl's head bouncing up and down.

i nearly drove off the road laughing.

bought these shoes this weekend

two things

1. you gotta love it when both the doctor and sonogram tech agree with your choice for that baby's name! *does happy dance*

2. anybody ever heard of a 'couples baby shower'?

(no - we are not considering having one. we were invited to one)

Ok, how does this sound for lunch?

I'm all nervous because I'm having my neighbor over for lunch and she's like all perfect (cooks great meals every day, works out every single day, makes jewelry, scrap books, house always in perfect order and decorated all cute, basically everything).

So I'm going to make sandwich rollups w/ those flat breads- one veggie one w/ cream cheese,dill, cucumbers, mushrooms and red peppers and spinach, and one turkey w/ chopped tomato, cheddar, lettuce and chipotle spread.

served w/ a salad w/ orange vinaigrette dressing.

that sound ok? does the veggie roll up have too many veggies in it? I'm making these things up myself so i have no idea what it will taste like.

Sucky Coffee

How effing hard is it to make a pot of coffee that doesn't suck? When our assistant is out, all the other coffee drinkers wait for me to make the coffee, 'cause they say they can't make it as good as I can.

They're right, but waiting around like fools for me to make the coffee? No offense, but I'm a manager...

taco bell run?

slutty tacos

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Received a check for a dollar one year. I didn't figure Earned Income Credit correctly, when one of the kids were still home. I would have framed it , but I was afraid the government might wonder where the cancelled check was.

Summertime must be here

The sound of Harley Davidsons. I refuse to buy something that cost as much as my house did. Besides that, I have short legs.







I just downed...

1 steak sammich (reg size)
1 cup of chili
1 oatmeal raisin cookie
1 med drink (lemonade)

all from Quiznos.

Stuffed. Sleepy time. Burp. Fart.


time to start buying knickers!

An old guy with a bad back and skoal

When I worked in a factory for a few years, the guy next to me, would have me grab him around the waist from the back and lift him in the air. His back would pop. In return he gave me some rum-soaked skoal he sold. I never could put that chew in my mouth. Gave it to my son.


i've a college age soccer playing intern hanging with me
no foolin