Monday, March 23, 2009

life is sacrifice.

and if you still live like you're 20 years old but you are 34 and married, something is very wrong.

at some point you have to grow up and put away those childish things.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Typical woman. Nothing is as bad as post-partum, tho.

If you don't do what she asks, she cries.
If you do what she asks, she cries.
If you anticipate a need of hers and meet it without her even asking, she cries.

I'm not knockin you chicks, btw, I have no doubt that what you are experiencing there is very real. Man is that roller coaster tough to deal with, especially after 9 months when if we just do what you ask, it pretty much assauges most of your angst, if not all the discomfort.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So last Friday some dude I passed on the sidewalk randomly stopped me

and asked if I wanted to have coffee or lunch sometime. Yeah, yeah, I'm just *that* compelling.
But no, seriously, people do this?! Dudes, have you ever done this to a broad? Chicks, has a dude ever done this to you, and how did you respond?
I had a friendly conversation with this dude but said there was no way I was giving a stranger my contact information.

True story...

So, I get a call from my brother yesterday afternoon saying that the police had come round. About an hour before that, when he'd been working on his motorbike down the side of the house, three kids had been cussing at him ("fcuk you, you fcuking gaylord", etc) and threw sticks at him. He finally got ssiped off and tried to call the teachers over, but they pointedly looked at him and ignored him. Then a suit, who we later find out is the headteacher comes over and says that the kids are 'hyped up' after the killings in Germany, and that they think he is 'looking' at them in the playground, and that they think his tools are cameras. Quote. She refuses to listen to my brother, and even has the cheek to say that maybe he "shouldn't be outside" (in our own garden!!1!) when the kids are outside, so he gives up and goes on with his work. 30 minutes later, the police rock up and say that they have been called by the school, so they have to come. My brother explains that he's working in his back garden, and all he wanted was for these little shyts to quit with the abuse. The policeman says that he can see it's a misunderstanding, but that mybe my brother should "go inside and have a cup of tea when the kids are in the playground", before taking his name and my mother's name (she was at work, but it's her house). By this time, my mother's had the story relayed and is SOOO angry. I mean, livid, and she calls the school, wanting to speak to the head. She leaves a message with the secretary, saying it's about an incident that has just happened, and the secretary says, "oh, you mean the man who was looking at the children in the playground?" To which she grits her teeth, explains who she is and says she wants the head to call her back like yesterday. 5 hours later, no call, so after she gets home my mother stomps round to the school with my brother, to which she's met by the head (a complete jobsworth) who, basically, says that my brother should not be in the garden where the kins can see him (excuse me?? plus, the wall is only shoulder height on our side) and that "of course!" the teachers in the playground ignored him... they didn't want to put themselves "at risk", and that she felt herself "very brave" for going over to talk to him. With about 7 feet between them, a wall and a fence, she was super brave. Long story short, she was "perfectly justified" in calling the police, and that it was not the kids' fault - they were 'scared' (one of the three perpetrators lives 3 doors away, knows exactly who my brother is - everyone knows who lives at that house - and who I know for a fact keyed my car. A little bstrd, basically). To put the icing on the cake, she said she had to 'call an assembly' to 'calm the kids down' and, on the way home, my mother and brother were stopped by a little girl who lives nearby (from another school) who said, "ooh, did you hear about the man who was watching children in teh playground? The police came and everything". Now, not only does the school have these rumours going round, but all the parents will hear about it, too. Instead of disciplining the kids, they have been allowed to get away with hurling abuse and large sticks. HRH could have been hit, dammit. On top, we are made to look like criminals. Human Rights laws say that a person "has the right to enjoy their property and their possessions". This is already being breached, because we're being told that we can't go in our back garden during the day, in case the kids see us. I am so angry it's unreal, and would love for someone to tell me what my next step could/should be.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

teenage boys are far more ready for sex than teenage girls.

it's a fact. boys don't get as emotionally attached and unlike girls don't use sex as a means to get attention from men.

A 30 year old guy having sex with a 14 year old girl is rape
a 30 year old woman having sex with a 14 year old boy is a public service.