Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am not a homophobe, but...

it bothers when I'm watching House Hunters and there is a gay couple featured, walking around chatting about intimate details of their lives.

I swear, one of the guys is wearing capris.

Woke up thinking about Chandler Whitmer's arm ~~~~~>>>

You should hear what I recorded into my phone while taking notes.

"Chandler Whitmer I love you"
"It's March 30th, and I have goosebumps"

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my daughter has taken to calling herself "lady gaga".

she prefaces every sentence with "gaga ooh-la-la". she calls her brother "baby gaga". she wears a feather boa and dances around the family room.

this is 100% on my wife and her choice of radio station.

I am now officially the most boring person in the world

Tonight at the grocery store, the checkout girl asked me why I wasn't buying grape juice. My life is such a dull, repetitive routine that a clerk who rings up my purchases maybe once every two weeks knows what I'm supposed to be buying.

Then the pimply teenage boy at the drive-up window at Culver's complimented me on my organization and preparedness in placing and paying for my order. fmbl

When I was a kid, I loved matzoh.

I'd eat that stuff year round as a snack. I must have had it once at a jewish friends house, probably during passover, and really liked it, so my mom bought it for me.

The more I remember, the weirder my dietary habits as a kid seem to me.

It just shows the lack of care people have for personal responsibility.

So many people just don't care about the difference between right and wrong anymore. I haven't been dealt an easy hand but the mistakes I have made in life are just that...ones I have made. No one else made those decisions for me. So people who can't accept responsibility for their own actions anger me. People who blame everything on someone else.

I am talking about simple personal responsibility. Too many people just don't have it. How many young adults mooch off of mom and dad until they absolutley can't anymore? How many people lose a job and blame it on anything but maybe their own poor actions (I'm not referring to downsizing or something I mean someone with poor attendence or lots of write ups)?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i was sitting at a LA hotel bar next to michael buble this afternoon

chunky mother####er, that boy.

kind of douched up, too. wore a down vest, squarish cap on backwards and listening to tunes wearing his Bose headset -- at the bar.

the few times i encounter celebs, i don't dare to talk to them. but i was *this close* to buying him a drink if he called Jackie ( "Hey, she's a HUGE fan. She'd be delirious if you called her ).
but i just couldn't muster the energy.

and it's probably a good thing, because i checked his web site and he's got a concert in Minneapolis tonight....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

i heard rex reed pan shutter island on local radio last night

he was on with another old fag. they were terrific. i stayed in the car, mesmerized.

"where are the stars these days? WHERE ARE YOU, BARBARA STANWYCK?"