Thursday, May 31, 2012

A lot of my wife's family worked at a Cargill plant in havana, ill

They brought home some good stuff for the holidays. My brother in law said they have very sharp knives. Mrs sister's husband is a supervisor there. Hates mexican rap music in the parking lot.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sitting next to Alaska Air CEO

No idea how to chat him up.

Flight crew is fawning over him, combined with Google search. Overheard part of a conversation, asked the flight attendant.

Not in first class, and just thought he would be an interesting person. CEO flew coach, I think it sends a bad message if he doesn't.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

just completed an epic breakup

this girl was the love of my life... but it got to a point tonight where i came to a cross roads, and i know i took the right path. the lines i was dropping... like a movie script. really weird feeling now.

this girl legitimately had mental issues. which in a way i was attracted towards. but it did kind of diminish the exhilaration of my break up speech... because she was trying to cut herself and obviously i couldnt let that happen.

the cutting started on sunday, taking the biggest knife she could find and locking herself in the bathroom. i broke in and she sliced her leg on the inside of the shin about 5 times. did it again monday, and tried to last night. it was just bizarre.

i am concerned for her, but i think mostly it was an attempt to make me feel guilty and apologize for calling her out on her dishonesty. and for anyone out there, i was doing everything i could to de-stress this girl.

its funny because my night with riff raff chick was precipitated by love of life getting with some other guy. yes... i ended up paying for it. $400 at planned parenthood. she was allegedly going to pay me back... but she was never big on living up to her word.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting tired of the "I'd sleep with them!" excuse for these awful lists

*Of course* I'd sleep with them. Shorn from morality, marriage, the fears of pregnancy and disease, and blessed with better looks, I'd sleep with 85% of the women at most bars on Friday or Saturday night. If Maxim were going to run a "The IB Would Sleep With List" the thing would look like the f'ing Thomas Register, and there'd be some awfully gamey selections towards the end of that book. I know they can't put out a list consisting of "that MILF who sat in front of you at the theater" and "the one chick they showed three or four times during the Alabama/Auburn game last year." But come on, some of these women are 7s. Are there really only 26 or so 10s in America? We can do better! We must do better.

Friday, May 11, 2012

it doesnt need to be rehashed...

but the bottom line is im taller, im stronger, im smarter... its just not a good matchup for any dog.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

you know what #### it...

you and that ####ing taint nugget of a human can have this place.

ban me and the IP please.


I think the personal attacks are getting out of control here.

It really needs to stop and is making the board unreadable

Because it might get buried below

Unwarranted and unsolicitated recommendation for us to get family therapy made me realize that I'm spinning my wheels here and not getting quite the ROI as I used to think I was getting back in the day. Overall, it's been a waste of my time since 2000. I don't even want to know the number of hours spent here because if I knew, I'll probably cry.

Might look to return someday.

or later tonight.


The ish is full of pussies.... Really do you warp your kids in a damn bubble? Do you let them play outside? I saw that some would let them play pick up foot ball or kill the man, but organized football was out. Really? I can tell you from personal experience I had more injuries playing football in the back yard. I feel so out of place on this board....

Eff you, Kirk Cameron

This particular banana did not have an easy pull tab. Instead, when I tried to open it, some of the banana goo squirted out the banana seams and onto my pants. Atheist's nightmare, indeed.