Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting tired of the "I'd sleep with them!" excuse for these awful lists

*Of course* I'd sleep with them. Shorn from morality, marriage, the fears of pregnancy and disease, and blessed with better looks, I'd sleep with 85% of the women at most bars on Friday or Saturday night. If Maxim were going to run a "The IB Would Sleep With List" the thing would look like the f'ing Thomas Register, and there'd be some awfully gamey selections towards the end of that book. I know they can't put out a list consisting of "that MILF who sat in front of you at the theater" and "the one chick they showed three or four times during the Alabama/Auburn game last year." But come on, some of these women are 7s. Are there really only 26 or so 10s in America? We can do better! We must do better.

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