Monday, December 28, 2009

If an ugmo hits on you, are you flattered or insulted?

Or both? Or something else? I don't really mean ugly, just someone less attractive than you. I mean, enough of an attractiveness differential that you kinda wonder, "Really? You thought this might work out?" About 90% of the dudes taking aim at me, I'm thinking, "You really think you might see me naked?" How is it a compliment if some ugmo thinks I'm in his league?

I'm a blonde with enormous cans who dresses kinda trashy--I look easy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost every night, my 3 year old son takes off his pants when he goes to bed,

does a leg exercise he's been doing since he was about 6 months (he calls it "Pilates," as in "I'm doing my Pilates") and gets an erection.

At some point, he complained that his stiff penis hurt and Mrs. told him to put a cold rag on it. Since then, almost every night, my pantless son gets up from his bed about 5 minutes after laying down, goes to the bathroon, and walks back explaining that he just needed to "get a cold rag for [his] penis."

Is this normal?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

all about me!

live in blm and have been in IL waaay longer than i thought i would be. by my name you know that i am female. the afro indicates that i am black. unfortunately there is nothing in the name to tell that i am vertically challenged and have big nipples. no worries though! i work at a job that i hate, and admired the people that quit today (someday that will be me!) let's see.. i like men and women but i am catholic (read- repressed!) but with the help of good friends i will be getting out of it. have not had sex in 15 months and at this stage would sleep with almost anything. did i omit anything??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

scatalogical observation

does any other dude feel great when you push out a big, massive, circumferentially superior log?

well, i do. and in those rare moments when i achieve one of those, it makes me worried that i'd like being a receiver.