Friday, October 28, 2011

sadly, my parenting style is a lot like bruce weber's coaching

lots of shouting the same things over and over to my kids to no effect. i belabor every effing thing to the point where i make pretty much nothing fun. they seem to always tune me out. i can't let anything go -- i keep reminding them what they did wrong and will shoehorn the issue hours later in a completely different context.

i also bow to outside comments and will suddenly obsess on something based on something that was said. for example, we'll go weeks without practicing letters and after a comment from the KG teacher that no.1 son is a little behind in that respect, i'll freak out when i get home, drag him out of bed, sit him down and go r. lee ermey. to him, it probably seems like some kind of al queda attack. one minute, he's drifting off to sleep and the next, he finds himself trying to prop his head up at a table while i'm shouting to him about the 1 line that makes all the difference between E and F. then, nothing for three weeks after that.

also, i have a total inability to work the ref (mrs), frequently leaving me with ridiculous expressions on my face.

and i will throw the kids under the bus when mrs calls me on something we were supposed to do.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

peole can just go ####off on here because people dont want actually talk.

i just asked a question. The game was on the line and a hit or something more could have meant a lot in this game. it was worth the risk if it worked out. i'm done with the ####tards on this ####ing board. Also. heatmizer cansuck my dick the women beater. I've heard things about the the piece of shit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

really to all the single people out there...

i just want to stress that you have to be careful. its so easy to lose sight of the consequences, but a one night encounter just cost me hundreds of dollars, hours of my life taking 4 tests at 3 facilities... and multiple life times worth of stress... and im very fortunate that everything was negative.

i think it was nookie who had a thread a few weeks back about 'is it worth it'... i didnt want to post on it at the time because my situation was still undetermined, but the answer is absolutely not. honestly, i feel like i crawled out my own grave today.... im leaving it alone for a longgg time.

in this situation... she kinda took it there before i had a chance. i mean, im not saying she raped me, but it wasnt really consensual.

it was like this: we met at a party... a week or two later she calls or texts me... wanting to get dinner real quick. i was cool with that.

now, this paints me in a bad light, but im going to tell it because someone out there might be in a similar situation one day and benefit from my advice. so we were at her place hanging out after. she was on the bed watching some tv show. i was like, thinking out loud and said if im going to be in the bed id be more comfortable taking my jeans off. cause i really just dont feel good having clothes on in bed. i meant that in sincerity, not game. now, she is like, actually, id prefer you naked. now, i was fine with that, but i really wasnt expecting it to go further... i wasnt going to make a move. she was touching me and stuff while watching the show, which was fine... but then she got up, and i thought she was getting off the bed, but she got on top.

and really, there was probably a second or two second window where i could have acted... but at the time i was afraid to hurt her feelings by suggesting she wasnt clean.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After I was redirected to the bathroom, I went across the hall

...and started knocking on our neighbours door.

Fully Nekkid.

When asked WTF I was doing, I responded "I am trying to close the curtains!"

He's a Buckeye so whatever. ..

I guess I tried to poop in my fridge at 2am this morning

I was REALLY drunk.
In the vegetable crisper to be more precise.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Topic blowing my mind today (as I enjoy my porksteak)

Written language.

What was it like coming up with that?! "I think we'll call this 'f'." ok I get that much, but how do you describe what 'f' sounds like? YOu can't write it "eff" or "ph" because you're just coming up with the language!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Go Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuueeesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They will be better than the hawks.. Bank on it. Blues have more depth after looking at the rosters.

ok, you tell me how they are better? you look at that roster for both teams and tell me how theyr are better overall than the Blues? Beyond the first 2 lines, the Hawks dont have much. The Blues go 3-deep with their lines and i think the Blues d is better also.

Even the first 2 lines aren't that ridiculously different between the 2 teams. The Blues have a lot of talent too.

It's a shame that your top 4 are not that great either. I will take Shattenkirk and Petroangelo over your top 2 any day of the week. Keith and Seabrook are not as good as Petro and Shattenkirk. I actually think the Blues top 4 are better

I just checked out the career stats of all 4 and Shatty and Petro have a better skillset to start their careers then Keith and seabrook. Both Blues players have more points in their first full season in the NHL than Seabrook and Keith. If you want to go by a start of a career, the Blues players are better right now. Not taking anything away from the other players, but i think i would rather have these 2 if i had to choose. Not saying i would lose out with the other 2, but to start a franchise, i would have to go with the Blues young guns.

it's all about depth.. i dont care about the other stuff. Blues have more depth. The Hawks didn't win it lastyear because of the lack of depth. Didn't they just barely get in lastyear? Seriously, thats not too impressive.