Friday, October 28, 2011

sadly, my parenting style is a lot like bruce weber's coaching

lots of shouting the same things over and over to my kids to no effect. i belabor every effing thing to the point where i make pretty much nothing fun. they seem to always tune me out. i can't let anything go -- i keep reminding them what they did wrong and will shoehorn the issue hours later in a completely different context.

i also bow to outside comments and will suddenly obsess on something based on something that was said. for example, we'll go weeks without practicing letters and after a comment from the KG teacher that no.1 son is a little behind in that respect, i'll freak out when i get home, drag him out of bed, sit him down and go r. lee ermey. to him, it probably seems like some kind of al queda attack. one minute, he's drifting off to sleep and the next, he finds himself trying to prop his head up at a table while i'm shouting to him about the 1 line that makes all the difference between E and F. then, nothing for three weeks after that.

also, i have a total inability to work the ref (mrs), frequently leaving me with ridiculous expressions on my face.

and i will throw the kids under the bus when mrs calls me on something we were supposed to do.


dj said...

One of the greats, right here.

Anonymous said...

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