Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So apparently I've been mis-hearing the lyrics to "Margaritaville" since 1977

I was at a trivia contest the other night and in the "Next Lyric" category they played "wasting away again in Margaritaville........"

I've probably heard this song >100 times since it came out in 1977 and I've ALWAYS thought the next line was "...searching for my lost Chigger saw." I don't know what a Chigger saw is, but that is how 11 year old me heard it and I've never corrected it in my head. There were times when I wondered to myself what a Chigger saw was and rationalized that it was some fancy brand name chainsaw that people used on tropical islands to cut down palm trees that blocked their view of the ocean.

When the team captain wrote "searching for my lost shaker of salt", I thought he was crazy. When the other team members backed him up, I just played it off like I was joking. Of course, they were right (I googled it later to prove it to myself) and I was wrong. Thinking about it, I guess their lyric does make a little more sense.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Adfession: I am kind of a purebred dog snob

even though I wish I wasn't, although I am somewhat anti-breeder, and insist on getting a dog from a rescue group. While at the same time, I think anyone who pays money for a cat, especially a specialty breed, is a crazy person.