Tuesday, September 19, 2006

sometimes i feel sorry for people...

who have no idea that i'm about to cut their dreams down to zilch, steal their client base and not even blink. they are so happy with their happy little system... that was update to date... 3 years ago... now they are complacent... and in i come in with something 10 times better than what they have.

you wanna see something sad... depressing. the look on a mans face when you crush his dreams and everything he's worked for.

effing business.

I feel bad… but at the same time.. you gotta keep movin.. and improving… if you don’t.. some smart ass kid is going to do you better. watch.

two years ago these people wouldn’t even give me the time of day in regards to my position and ideas, now they are all clamoring to “collaborate” with me.

To the spoils go... I say…