Friday, December 28, 2012

fine...this is valid....and while im still on vacation and have a few toilet minutes let me tell you

a story

a few weeks ago i met one of my best friends boss...he is a warehouse manager...we met for beers and i cant remember if he had more teeth or hair...yet we had a couple laughs and in about 20 minutes and after him showing genuine interest in where i live i learned that one of my neighbors had a handicapped son and this guy helped install a ramp in their of charge...they supplied the wood and he did the project...even took a vacation day as the job was bigger than expected...we decided on a venue change and had to swing by his place for a beer while he let out his dogs....i popped in with him and learned he is a foster home...something he learned from the stepdaughter he took cared for when she had to leave her dog when she joined the armed forces...i saw the one larger black lab never left his hip....he was blind and the one dog he chose to adopt and he is that dogs world

these are just a couple stories i learned about this dude in a couple of hours on a weekday

these are the people he feels he is superior to

when the initial comment was made by him i waited for a retract.....ive never piled on but i have questioned him on many occaision...i know he likes or maybe needs to speak in hyperbole or just likes to make outlandish statements....but he stuck to this one

asked a handful of times he stuck to it....even later dropping some kind of clarification about just having a degree from the u of i automatically puts people like 25% better than the population....prolly not and exact quote but close enough

aside from the fact that living in champaign i can say with 100% certainty that there are so so many folks with a dgree from here are just horrible people....the automatic judgement and belief of being superior to so many fantastic people sight unseen is disgusting to me

now when i log off this board i carry on with my life.....but this stuck with me


during the time of asking follow up questions through the years....i know nothing of substance of the man

sure i know that he is a chameleon....move to sf be all the things sf....move to seattle becomes all the things the olypimcs...become all the things curling....catch a soccer match and become all the things sounders....catch kyfall and now daniel craig is his style idol...etc

i cant recall anecdotes or childhood stories or really anything shared of substance through the years...

he is yelp....he is internet comments....i see spikeball...i play spikeball....i see finally 100 people wearing a skinnier tie...i wear a skinnier tie

i cant wrap my brain around it....but its an odd combo of self loathing and self absorbtion....but overall just empty

but i dont hate the guy i dont really like the guy i dont feel sadness i dont feel pity....i dont "feel" anything....and thats what my issue is

so congrats.  comments like "after being a bachelor for 48 hours im bored to tears" and you views on marriage and cohabing being basically roommates finally make sense to me

so i wont ask follow up questions....ill even stop with a jabs but you wanted an answer and you now have it

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Would you screw a goat

if it guaranteed a national title (hoops or football)? 2 of my Purdue buddies said they would (for Purdue that is)