Monday, December 28, 2009

If an ugmo hits on you, are you flattered or insulted?

Or both? Or something else? I don't really mean ugly, just someone less attractive than you. I mean, enough of an attractiveness differential that you kinda wonder, "Really? You thought this might work out?" About 90% of the dudes taking aim at me, I'm thinking, "You really think you might see me naked?" How is it a compliment if some ugmo thinks I'm in his league?

I'm a blonde with enormous cans who dresses kinda trashy--I look easy.


Anonymous said...

rhubarb hairpiece

Anonymous said...

You have been eating too much lobster. I'll bet you are eating lobster right now and have a big lobster belly. Actually, you sound like you are in good shape, but you still have every lobster movie in your dvd collection. Do you realise this lobster obsession might not be healthy? Good luck and stay away form lobster.