Wednesday, May 23, 2012

just completed an epic breakup

this girl was the love of my life... but it got to a point tonight where i came to a cross roads, and i know i took the right path. the lines i was dropping... like a movie script. really weird feeling now.

this girl legitimately had mental issues. which in a way i was attracted towards. but it did kind of diminish the exhilaration of my break up speech... because she was trying to cut herself and obviously i couldnt let that happen.

the cutting started on sunday, taking the biggest knife she could find and locking herself in the bathroom. i broke in and she sliced her leg on the inside of the shin about 5 times. did it again monday, and tried to last night. it was just bizarre.

i am concerned for her, but i think mostly it was an attempt to make me feel guilty and apologize for calling her out on her dishonesty. and for anyone out there, i was doing everything i could to de-stress this girl.

its funny because my night with riff raff chick was precipitated by love of life getting with some other guy. yes... i ended up paying for it. $400 at planned parenthood. she was allegedly going to pay me back... but she was never big on living up to her word.

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Anonymous said...

So let's break this down

- You met the "love of your life" a year and a half ago.
- She had a boyfriend at the time who threatened you.
- She lived in another state.
- She moved back to your town.
- She was pregnant with someone else's child. (The crazy guy or another guy, we don't know.)
- She moves in with you while pregnant and wanting an abortion.
- You have a night with another girl while living with the "love of your life." You take your pants off to watch TV and she "rapes" you. (And we know this happened in the last year:
- The "love of your life" gets an abortion on your dime, and you foot the bill for her living expenses.
- She starts cutting, and you dump her.

I mean, seriously? Seriously.