Sunday, January 19, 2014

I was so happy I would never have to think about dating again. She was "the one"

She had a lot of qualities I look for:

1. Likes a lot of the same music and going to concerts,
2. Likes sports. Didn't mind the 3 tv's I had then.
3. Loathes Republicans.
4. Godless.

I had laid the groundwork via PM on that board and when she and her boyfriend broke up I went in for the kill. Had seen some pics but from when she was thinner so when she finally flew out to visit I was surprised. I did my best to hide it, but I think she knew I liked thinner. That's where the cheerleader insecurity came from.

Leah Dunham. That's how the 1 year live-in was built. The one that asked me if she needed to lose weight. I thought I was being nice when I said "well you can can lose 20 just like I could" That's when the fight started... She eventually took up hula hooping and was bragging on the message board where I met her that she lost 90 pounds. She was even posting before and after pictures. I like to think I was her motivation.

I was so happy I would never have to think about dating again. She was "the one". We didn't last a month before we started having problems. She wanted to get laid EVERY night. It was great for three weeks or so. Then it started turning into work. She also liked going to bed early and wanted me to do the same. I wanted to stay up and watch tv.

Then after almost 2 months she got a job. We had plans to go to Summerfest to see Ratdog along with Railroad Earth and Donna the Buffalo. The new job meant she couldn't go. She was pissed that I went without her. There was no way in hell I was going to miss it just because she couldn't go. Then she snooped around on my computer and found a porn folder. We were then arguing via text message while I was trying to enjoy the show.

Jump forward to a year later after she had moved out, but I was still stuck with her. I felt bad because she had moved here for a failed relationship and didn't know anyone else. She would come down on weekends just to hang out. Very little FWB because it created too much drama. She did take me out to Geja's for my birthday. We were discussing the message board we were both still on. There was an active thread started by a guy who had been offering free boobie painting at Bonnaroo. She asked me if I had right clicked and saved any of them. If I said no I was a liar. If I admitted it I was a pervert. I was in a no win situation. I admitted to saving a few.

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