Friday, December 10, 2010

question: so tonight is our work xmas party

we are doing a murder mystery...that is fairly scandelous. (it's a law firm called Lie, Cheat, and Steal. pretty much there is a lot of flings that have taken place between the characters. 2 people die. most of the characters are played by employees, we have just hired a few actors). i play Barbie-Dahl Scam, whose husband was just murdered, and my current fling (played by an actor) in the firm is supposed to hit on me the whole night. i was asked by the character coach if it would be okay if the actor smacked my ssa every now and again. appropriate? or course, this whole skit is not work appropriate. thanks goodness we sneakily got our HR director involved by giving her a scandelous part.

if it were you, would you:

1. be that character 100%, booty slaps and all

2. hold back, remembering all the ethics training you've had

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