Thursday, December 30, 2010

Help me win 4 (front row) tickets to Sunday’s Illinois basketball game.

Radio station contest. Giving out 9 letters over the course of several days. Unscramble the 9 letters to spell a “secret star”. I don’t know if it is one word or two, or what qualifies as a secret star.

They gave out the 8th letter today, with #9 coming tomorrow morning. The problem is that I missed 3 letters earlier this week. Here is what I have so far:

S E H L K __ __ __ __

Until they gave the K, I figured it was Lou Henson. Any guesses? I can't call in with my guess until tomorrow morning. If we figure out it, my chances are pretty good, because this is a brand new station with about 100 listeners. I might even post the phone number and answer here so we can guarantee a winner.


tit said...

wait - where is this station based. because if it's KYLE ####ing LOHSE I'm going to punch you

Anonymous said...

Not awesome? Try awesome stuff instead :D