Monday, September 7, 2009

Life's too short to give sports that much weight

I was slightly miffed yesterday when the game started and it was apparent we weren't going to show up. But, it's a game and it's not worth making my mood bad. There are too many other important things... just decided that other things are too important to me right now, I'm getting married in 21 days and life is good. But if you want to take it that way and pile on, feel free.

I'm not lording over anyone. Sounds like you might be taking it a little too seriously. You do realize the whole idea of sports is entertainment, right? And my comment about getting married was more to point out that we all have important things going on. I mean seriously, I want them to do well, and I cheer for them and want success, but why let something ruin a great weekend or day for you. If you seriously get depressed about a college football game and let it ruin a nice long weekend for you, then in my opinion, unpopular as it might be, your taking a GAME TOO SERIOUSLY. You can disagree, you can b###h and moan at me all you want, but that's how I feel, and people on this board give opinions and feelings every day all day.

I totally lose perspective at times. I just tend to react pretty strongly when people get SO upset about sports. Not the venue to process through that, I agree, but that's my reaction.

*rides into sunset on high horse*

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