Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Health care debate via Star Wars-themed haiku

Rebel costs explode
No Empire volume discounts
Rest in peace, Porkins

antilles quite pleased
yavin victory award
rogue squadron group plan

Cloud City Health plan:
Lobot death panel prescribes
carbonite freezing

The widow Greedo
fights for insurance payout
Han shot first, dammit

Waiting in line at Doctor
Any more Questions?

Empire Run Healthcare
How bad could they screw it up?
Third Death Star's a Charm

Memo to Jedis:
The Force can't waive a copay.
Stop being so cheap.

Peaceful Alderaan
Free health care for everyone

Owen & Beru
care not about health care plans
"death panels," indeed

Luke seemed to do fine
with single payer healthcare
sweet new robot hand

To hide dependents
from insurers, Sand People
travel single file

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