Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Almost Got Into A Car Accident Lastnight

Thanks to a ssakcaj pedestrian.

So I'm headed down Halsted towards the Clark/Halsted light and this pedestrian decides to cross against the light across Halsted (I have a green). I honk at him and he looks at me like I'm the idiot and keeps walking, so I have to go a little into the left turn lane to get around him. As I'm getting into the intersection, the light turns yellow and there are two cars in the left turn lane coming towards me. So now I'm in the intersection and the first car must have assumed I was turning left (I didn't have a signal on) and turns left in front of me, so I have to slow and go to the left of that car, then I start to head back to the right and the other car turns left in front of me. It was just a complete disaster all around and all thakns to one rude pedestrian. cuss.GIF

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