Thursday, August 2, 2012

I can't entirely explain it. I just do.

People bringing their kids to work and parading them around is top 10 least favorites things on the planet for me. I know this makes me a dick.. I think they are dirty, annoying, and a huge bother that I don't care to be associated with. Everything about them sucks.

I love this response the best. *pukes in mouth a little*

I'm generally sad for you. Because looking in your kids eyes for the first time, or watching them learn to walk, or learn to read, or any of a number of things is truly awe inspiring. Not a day goes by that I don't think, man if I didn't have my kids Mrs. D and I could take a trip to Hawaii. But then I come home, Josh runs up to me saying "I yuv yu dadeee" and all of the world's problems go away, even if it is for just an instant.

With all due respect, haven't you endured a tremendous amount of stress and trauma due to your child's health issues? I'm not saying you'd take anything back, but at least have a little perspective on how difficult it must be to go through that.

I view kids as a burden that people take on that prevents them from fullfilling their potential as humans. Of course, others would argue the whole point of human existence is to procreate. My dislike for kids actualy escalates as more and more of my friends become absolutely useless to me because they become parents.

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