Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elway doesn't believe Tebow is the answer.

From the guy that bolted to Denver rather than being drafted by the Colts. The libs in Denver won't have Tebow as the QB. Consumer reports says so.

Elway will run Tebow out of town. Elway refused to be drafted by the Colts in a draft. Old horseface is doing the same thing. Tebow is winning. They cannot stand it in Denver because he is a Christian. Elway lies.

Elway acts like he is above it. He refused to go to the Colts. Read the history. "I want to play for a winner" Horseface.

Elwya is an arrogant horseface loser that had to go to a winner. Where did he come from in college. Stanford. His daddy made him change his mind from going to the Colts. Golpher face!

Consumer Reports is based in Colorado. My customer had the new issue on his table. Read it during lunch. Biggest Apple based rag, piece of garbage, one sided, gov supported, lib supported. Out of breath. Have a good night friends. Don't believe what you read.

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