Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thank you Orange roughy....

You just totally embarrassed me on another board, but thats ok. I guess if that makes you feel any better then sobeit. if you thought i did the same thing, then i guess you got me back. Now, you have made it impossible for myself to have any credibility, but thats ok because it makes you feel better. Why dont you go ahead and embarrass me on the scout board while you are at it? Might as well try to destroy me in every way possible. You win because you have the power of your own blog. I guess some people have to read it and listen.

you dont want to know what "being owned" is trust me you better make that last word you ever say to me you got me???

Him saying that i was "being owned" was the wrong thing to say to me right now. It's one thing to say i got you back for what you said, but to take it a step forward and saying you are "owning" me, thats throwing the first punch and all you did is piss me off even more.


Anonymous said...

Unless I'm missing something that was groupguy who said that, not Roughy

darrin said...

woah, i totally missed that, where is the :doh: sign at?