Friday, June 10, 2011

one of my colleagues ran to my boss the other day and told him I attacked him and made him feel like

he was working in a hostile environment.

He came to me looking to vent against one of our preferred vendors (he's often complaining about vendors not doing good work for him - unless it's the vendor he tried to bring in) and I tried to offer him advice and suggestions to help resolve an issue they've had for the past 4 weeks.

he hadn't thought to do any of the things I suggested, and outright rejected them as plausible next steps or possibilities, got defensive and angry, and when I told him he was acting like an "know-it-all who knew more than everyone else and so no other scanario could possibly be right" he stormed off, came back to tell me it would do no good to go to the vendor's shop to see what they were seeing, and stormed off again still muttering something from his office loud enough for me to hear he was talking but not loud enough for me to hear what he was saying.

I blew it off as a disagreement. I hadn't gotten mad at all and in fact the conversation was no different than any disagreement I've had with any other people here, though he did get a little loud when he got defensive, and obviously he got mad when he stormed off.

Instead of coming back to me to chat about it after a cooldown period...he went and tattled to our supervisor the first chance he had (he marched over there a minute after we had talked, but our boss wasn't in his office, and so he paced outside his office in the hall).

My boss shot me an email that night saying we needed to talk about it, and I was confused. my response was "Really? What's there to discuss?" And he knew right away that since I didn't know what the hell this was about that Jared had blown this out of proportion, and once he heard my side of the story, said that the advice I gave to Jared ended up being the same advice he gave to him after Jared was done tattling. thanked me for trying and said he'd tell Jared that next time, don't go looking for advice if you're not prepared to hear something you don't want to hear. Said there was no need to apologize for calling him a "know-it-all".

Our former boss used to tell us she was tired of him tattling on us for disagreeing with him. This is a 35 year old man.

This dude offices right next to me, and though I wasn't at all upset about him getting defensive and mad, I now want to kill him for being a little thin-skinned b###h.

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