Sunday, May 8, 2011

im not saying i would relish the challenge

but just that at the end of the day in a kill or be killed scenario it would not be a good match up for the dog. yes he might bite my arm, but i could easily club the shit out of him with my other arm. more likely it would KO it. dogs have really small heads. im not sure they could survive a solid punch.

yeah, but even at 100lbs its still 80+ lbs less than me. and like 4 feet shorter. and very limited...

it might get in a good bite or two, but even if it jumped up on me, i could jump use the leverage to slam it to the ground. game over. it doesnt make sense to me that this is remotely controversial.

if it's biting your throat, it would be easy to grapple the dog and break its neck at that point, and thats assuming i didnt preempt a bit with a forearm or punch. obviously ive never engaged in this kind of combat, but i dont really see any scenario where a dog could kill me.

im pretty realistic. probably maxing out at the dog. some of the smaller predatory cats, maybe. id like think a smaller bear, like a black bear.... in the right circumstances could be feasible... but idk enough about their capabilities to say for certain.

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