Monday, April 11, 2011

well, i just got back from Effingham and.....

As you can see, someone is all talk. I was there for about 4 hours at a gas station nearest the interstate. I would have stayed longer to wait, but my buddy at some point in time has to get get back to his wife and kids.

i was challenged by someone and they didn't back it up. I gave him plenty of time to show up from the time the arguement started. he actually has an advantage because of the fact that he has seen me, but i haven't seen him and he still choked. You either show up or shut up.

At this point in time it is over with because what he says means nothing now because he doesn't back anything up. I dont care what people on here think of me and what you think of what i did today. If someones going to challenge my manhood, i'm going to respond. i'm not a phoney like some people.

As for some people wanting to know physical stature, When i first had that pic taken 10 years ago i was about 165 pounds,now, i'm up to 224 and i have been in extensive training for several years now. I do box and also do MMA fighting and training. I do spar alot and i do have a lot of challengers because of what i practice. Always a smartass out there that wants to see how tough you are.

I am confident in my ability and not afraid of him or anyone else. I know some wont believe it, but i dont think i have to prove anything to anyone on here anymore. Someone had their chance and they choked (as i see that they posted long after the arguement).

So in closing, this whole thing is over as far as i am concerned. I stood my ground and it looks like i had no challengers after all.

from now on i will just laugh at any idol threat from people on here.

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Anonymous said...

Psst. It's direct from my exercise physiologists (I called them personal trainers once and they

Posted by IBO4U [User Info] on May 18, 2011, 15:02:22, in reply to "your program is not the same as mine"

damn near worked me to death). And I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb here when I claim they are more qualified than your trainer.

Plz to add to THSHMBIATY