Friday, May 21, 2010

im.a hard core conservative

Proud as hell to of grown up in a county that votes about 95% republican

or course you would think that, thank god .homoism is a choice you failed to make correctly
Of course based on the pictures I've seen its no surprrise you are a lesbian no normal man would get within 100ft of loving you

i have moved out and despite a 20% paycut im still probably making more tuan you
Thankfully I'm confident enough in myself. that I don't have to resort to homosexuality as my only hope of love

ive said what i needed to say


Anonymous said...

it would be funny if it weren't so... well, sad

Anonymous said...

Also, chicks who don't enjoy c*** in their mouth need to get a clue.

Anonymous said...

How do you FIND this stuff!? That is -paradigm- douchebaggery!! It should be in a museum! A Museum of The Internet: "and here we see a perfect specimen of the kind of obnoxious vitriol that kicked off World War 3. It is encased in lead-lined diamond for your own safety; please do not touch."

"ive said what i needed to say" - LOL!