Monday, September 14, 2009

I did something I'm not particularly proud of last night, but it sure felt good.

Loose puck in front of their goalie. I poke at it several times to try and score a goal. Whistle blows and I stop. Goalie felt I stopped too late and went after me with gloves and stick up at my face. I defended myself by pulling him down and with our gloves and helmets off I wailed on the goalie's face with my fist about a half dozen times.

In the whole scrum I don't remember much other than my hits but think there were quite a bit of the goalie's teammates coming to his failed rescue and as a result I got a 3" long x 1/2" wide Gorby-like bruise on my forehead. Never felt anyone hitting me nor exactly know how I got that bruise but it sure was fun.

The not-so-proud part was that the wife and kids were at the game and they were visibly shaken by the incident thinking I was at the bottom of the pile (I wasn't) and getting mauled. Plus, it didn't help when #14 (not the goalie) was tossed shortly after I left the ice and wanted to get to my locker room and kill me.

Kids are still talking about it this morning. I tried to tell them last night that what I did was a bad thing although I was defending myself but I think I need to do something else to get them over it. Maybe Sea World / Aquatica next Sunday since I'll be suspended that game.

6 punches, though. Felt good. Don't eff with me.


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