Thursday, May 28, 2009

So, trading sexual favors for auto repair

What am I gonna have to do for a $1K repair?

I'm definitely out of practice. Shudder to think how sensitive my gag reflex is.

I hope that taking it up the pooper could be something very special between me and the love of my life, but I can't afford a car payment. It's no offense to any qualified auto mechanic who probably doesn't happen to also be the love of my life.

Eh, as I recall, I'm pretty kinky, so I'll be all right


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Anonymous said...

Lol... You won't have to do anal!

If the majority of the bill is services and there are no expensive parts, a really good bj will usually suffice- but it has to be REALLY good.

I've been a mechanic for 22 years and though this type of thing doesn't happen as regularly as it did back in the day, the same old rules still apply:

Rule #1. The repairman is not going to proposition you, so you need to let him know what's up by wearing something blatantly sexy. Dress up like one of the car models you see in the posters around the shop. (mini-skirt, crop top, etc...) This is the code for saying want to work off your bill.

2. He may not take you right then and there. If he works with employees or is on a deadline, he may ask you to come back later to "talk" about your bill.

3. This applies to all men who provide "professional services" from dentists, lawyers and plumbers to mechanics, gardeners and ESPECIALLY computer nerds.

Exchanging services is perfectly legal and ethical. It's only prostitution when money is exchanged.