Tuesday, May 5, 2009

so a friend of a friend's brother is in commercial real estate in CA

and he's been working on an investor for several months to see a large parcel of land that is best viewed by air.

so he charters a small prop plane. on board: two pilots, two real estate guys and the investor. as they are boarding, the guy feels the shot over the bow. but he can't turn back. figures he can back-burner it and unload when they get back. after all, it's a short flight.

as soon as the wheels leave the ground, this guy knows it's over. and it's a bumpy, noisy flight. feels the runaway train coming down the tracks. and at 2000 feet, he opens the bomb bay doors and craps himself.

shock and awe. keep in mind, this ain't Air Force One. it's a teensy plane ( with apparently no toilet. nor Folger's can ). the smell is mind-bending. horrific. nausau is now the big b###h on the plane. extraordinary times = extraordinary measures, so the guy takes off his pants, balls them up and they try to throw it out the window. but it blows back in and all over the place.

the smell, the commotion and the added turbulence has everyone sick. the pilot throws up, the investor throws up and so does everyone else. and they have to emergency land the thing.

instead of the guy landing a $10 million deal, he has to pay $10 K to get the plane professionally cleaned.

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