Thursday, July 10, 2008

So, I had a "peeping tom" last night.

At about 11, me and Dude are sitting in my room, I'm copyediting and he's reading, when we hear this loud *THUD* outside my window/corner of the house. My first thought was that my roommate drove into the side of the house or something and his was that someone was trying to break into my garage.

So he runs outside with a hammer (since I didn't have a bat!) and sees a wayward cinder block leaning up against the house below one of my bedroom windows. He yells at me to get my phone ready to call the cops. He grabs a flashlight from his car and flashes it down that side of the house and has he does that someone (or something at this point) hits the neighbor's fence and supposedly hops over and runs off.

I grab the phone and try the non-emergency number a couple of times (I didn't think too much of it yet at this point) and my sister says screw this and dials 911. They send two cops out right away as we're looking over the side of the house. We also find what looks like a pry mark on one of my windows and another large rock below one of my other windows. So now we're thinking attempted burglary. The cops take some pics and look around. Female cop leaves.

Male cop then comes in and questions us and gets our contact info. He says they obviously don't have any suspects right now, but they'll let us know if they find anything and they'll patrol our block all night.

Cop walks out the door and BAM! Dude is standing by the side of the house with his pants undone. Another cop arrests him and hauls him off. First cop comes back in and tells us what's going on and says he's going to come back and try to lift some prints from my windows. Turns out the arrest this guy regularly on peeping tom charges, but this time they're going to get him hopefully for burglary and put him away for a while.

I didn't sleep most of the night.

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Holly said...

YES! I made TINA!