Thursday, June 19, 2008

Went out for a run last Monday,

and passed a single female duck that was loitering about a particular area and quacking loudly. Got to the turning point on my route and came back to the same area - the duck was still there, still quacking and generally distressed.

I stopped and tried to talk to it (not sure why), at which time I noticed that it was near a storm sewer. I leaned down by the sewer grate and heard what I believe are duckling sounds, but I couldn't see anything. I tried to pull the grate up, but it was either stuck or too heavy. I didn't know what else I could do, so I continued my run and tried to think of any city/county services that could help (and would still be in after 5). I couldn't get a live person to answer that night, so I planned to try after 9 the next morning.

The next day, I'm driving to the train and pass the same spot. Someone had run over the mother duck. I didn't hear any more "chirping" from the sewer either, so I pretty much gave up on my rescue "effort." Damn shame, and it still bums me out.

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