Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got a hemorrhoid five days earlier helping a buddy move a desk.

It popped 2 days before the test, but wouldn't stop bleeding. My wife insisted I go to the emergency room at 10 pm the night before the final because it was bleeding so freaking bad. I begged the doctor to go easy on me because I had a test the next morning. He asked questions and determined I was in law school. Then, he did his thing with the rubber glove. He left for about an hour, came back with 3 interns, told them I was going to law school so take it easy on me, to wit they all laughed uproariously and took turns sodomizing me with thier rubber gloved hands.

Finally got home at 1 am, but had an even worse pain in the ssa. I couldn't sleep, so I took a Tylenol PM at about 3 am. I slept maybe two hours, and I could only sit on one cheek because the pain was unbearable, and I was hella groggy from the Tylenol PM. That was my worst grade during 1L. Contracts was 3 days later, but the bleeding had stopped and the pain subsided.

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