Friday, November 30, 2007

I moved out of my apartment in Chicago the summer before I moved here

I spent that summer in the burbs at a buddy's house.

I waited until the last minute to move out of my old apartment. My lease was ending at midnight and I had to be completely moved out or I would be fined. I had moved the majority of my stuff to my parents' house over the previous few weeks and just had to drop off my clothes at my buddy's place.

Since I barely had anything, I decided to just rent a minivan and would go to visit my girlfriend in Cleveland the following morning. I was going to return the minivan there and fly back to Chicago the following Sunday.

I packed everything up about 9PM and made a final walk though. I then realized that I had forgot about my mattress. The mattress was too big to fit into the minivan. I decided to go all mexican on it and tie it to the roof. I didn't tie it down well though.

I got on the interstate and the minivan started getting airborne as the wind went under the mattress. I pulled over and retied it and got back on the interstate. The minivan almost went airborne.

So I called my buddy and asked him if any regular streets go all the way out to Naperville. He suggested Roosevelt road.

I drove down roosevelt road at like 20 miles per hour... then the mattress started flying all over when i was driving through the projects at 11 PM.

I decided that I needed to get rid of the mattress... so I pulled under a bridge and started cutting off the rope with a knife.

A guy on a bicycle came out from under the bridge and started eyeballing me. He was drinking a 40 at the time. He was riding his bike back and forth pass me. I thought he was going to kill me.

I cut the last rope and pushed the mattress off the roof and floored the minivan leaving tire marks on my way out.

Looking back, the guy that came out from under the bridge was homeless. He was eyeballing my mattress and not me. He must have thought it was his lucky day... but I thought I was going to die.


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