Thursday, November 1, 2007

A former co-worker of mine partied with Chris Farley...

She was the office manager and went to lunch at Heaven on Seven on Rush as I recall. She and a friend ran into Farley and his entourage there. Were invited out and hit numerous bars until late in the evening, blowing off the afternoon of work.

Next day she comes in looking severely hung over and we were wondering what happened to her. She then tells me and another guy this story. We make the offhand comment that Farley was going to drink himself into an early grave if he kept it up.

Not an hour later, the first reports of his body being found came over the radio.

Freaked the carp out of us. We told the office manager, and she thought we were joking until we made her listen to the news herself.

A few years ago, my friends met Bob Saget at a bar on Rush Street. He was alone. And piss-wasted. They took him back to my friend's apartment and got him high. That is all.

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