Thursday, October 4, 2007


Mrs bought new wheat-based organic kitty litter for Winter the Cat...I just poured it in the morning for the first time.

I just got a call from Mrs...apparently the litter was full of grubs or slugs that are now crawling all over the litter box and surrounding areas.

I've been requested to leave work to deal with it
Today is the cleaning lady day too, and apparently Mrs and Agnes the cleaning lady are both standing on chairs hugging each other or something. I guess the mean streets of Gdansk can't prepare you for a slug infestation.

she's in her car on her way here. apparently the slugs are fast and are already spreading to the kitchen.

The creeping menace has been contained. The perps were approximate one half inch long, white or cream colored, with a brown spot at one end that may or may not have been a head. I would estimate that the bag of litter contained approximately 300 of them.

Their rate of speed was astonishing...for tiny thing with no legs, some of them managed almost 15 feet since 9:00 am this morning.

Cat is perturbed but will recover. Wife is what they call in psychology "skeeved" and has been in the shower since we got home. Agnes was given an extra $10 for apparently providing moral support in the face of the slug onslaught.

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