Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I get my hair cut at Sport Clips.

Yeah, it's burby and all that, but my "haircut" is basically just a clip-job. The only reason I don't just do it myself is cause I don't want to clean up.

So anyway, I'm there last night and I see the Triple Play, which includes a cut and a "relaxing shampoo." I was tired of having to basically take a shower when I got home to get rid of all the hair detritus, so I decided to go for it; it was only another $3.

After the haircut is done, my "stylist" takes me back into the "Showers" and sits me down at a sink-chair. She then wets my hair and puts the shampoo in, then spends like 10 minutes massaging my head.

At this point I felt rather skeevy; I mean, this sort of thing is only a short escalator ride from "sensual massage." On the other hand, I didn't just want to be all like "Please stop touching my head; you're making me uncomfortable and just a little bonerrific." So I just sat there, feeling awkward and having pity on this poor gal who was rubbing some strange dude's head for tips.

The worst part is, there's even a level above the Triple Play that includes "relaxing neck & shoulder massage." When I told Ms. about it, she said they probably have yet another level (hidden from the casual customers) that includes a "full release."

Oh yeah, I got the hot towel, too. I was thankful cause it meant I had an excuse for my face to be red when she took it off. I'm sure it's harmless, but for somebody who's not used to it, it can feel kinda weird.

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