Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well...survived day 1

got a parking place. Department head at the division I am in (Long Term Health Care) has a son in law or brother in law (forgot what she said) who owns a water purification business and has a lot in the back of his business that is hardly used. It has spaces for like 10 cars...so she called and asked if I could use one of the spots...he said of course.

Costs me $0

For those who know the area...it is right behind Fritz's Little Fryer.


Anonymous said...

Dude, this is all about parking. How was the actual "work" part of your first day of work?

TINA said...

not too bad. not really a lot to discuss.

I basically seperate complaints (usually about the facility) from the surveys (what the investigators fill out while there) and file them away.

Everyone seems rather nice...but it's still too early because I haven't been able to do everything yet.

Only thing that kind of gave me a headache is when to purge files...and when to keep them

My head is still drowning from all the info I was given.

TINAFAN!!!!!111!! said...

wow, only 2 minutes to respond. I'm impressed.