Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Uninteresting Recycled Phone Number Story

Moved apartments back in March. Our new home phone number was selected, after several options where presented. On occasion, we get calls from predominately Asian names on the Caller ID. The callers can't speak a lick of English and do not want to hang up after we say wrong number. Last night a person who spoke perfect English, asked for Restaurant X. I said they had the wrong number, they rattled off my home phone number and I said that was correct. They commented that the website must have the wrong number then. So today, I Googled the home phone number to find out that it is tatooed on several restaurant websites for Restaurant X. It appears to have moved locations, as most website's give a Lower East Side location as well, and the reviews on the restaurant located on the Upper West Side are dated in the late 90's. Like the subject says, not that interesting, just annoying.

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