Thursday, August 9, 2007

tonight's deleted thread has been brought to you by... light, you deleted the thread, cowboy.

step 1: destroy the evidence.
step 2: declare victory.
step 3: go on 'america's got talent' and win america's heart doing lame covers.

ys, i've been following your career.

so let's lay this out....some mod unnecessarily locks two active bonds threads because there is a third (all of which are discussing different aspects of the historic event).

the mods are called out in a separate thread.

a mod jumps in and makes a general ass of himself (further establishing the initial postulate).

realizing this, either he or some other mod coming to the aid of the damsel-in-distress deletes -- not locks -- deletes the thread.

the erstwhile ass-mod comes back and actually brags about his performance in the now-deleted thread, no longer up for review and objective evaluation.

yeah, the mods definitely don't suck.

for a bunch of professed liberatarians, i haven't seen petty meddlers like you since i stopped covering the student government for the DI.

i shudder to think what we'd be treated to...on subjects you do give a shit about (did you forget that you told us that you didn't give a shit about this? remember, you are too cool to care).

and as if you don't make this place boring enough with your over-moderation, you had to subject us all to this piece of detritus from your subconscious?

thanks for that.

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