Thursday, August 23, 2007

OMG, what a storm. I tried to leave Arlington Heights in time

to beat it, but 53 was all jammed up because of construction and I got caught right in the middle of it. I later heard on the radio that two semis jacknifed on 53 just after I passed. I'd probably be sitting there still if I'd waited. The nice thing was that drivers on the Kennedy were pullng off to the side of the road, and because I'm not a giant yssup, I was able to drive right by.

City streets are a different story. Trees and light poles are down everywhere, lots of traffic signals out.

Oh, and to the douchebag driving the PT Cruiser that doesn't understand the concept of "traffic light out = 4-way stop," you deserved to get honked at. So I'm glad that paying paying attention to me while talking on your phone and flipping me off at the same time caused you to rear end the car in front of you. You stupid a$$clown.

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